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Student at BME-VIK Computer Engineering


Ever since I remember, I've always had a hobby project. I've collected some of the spectacular ones. Let's have a look.


Mar 2018 – May 2018

This is a homework project for Java based web frameworks.

Java Spring-boot Thymeleaf


Oct 2017 – Dec 2017

This project is a 3D platformer game inspired by Prince of Persia 1. It's available for Linux and Windows. (I haven't tested it on Mac.) This is my first project when I used both C and OpengGL.

C OpenGL Doxygen

Pseudocode Compiler


This compiler compiles the paseudo source code (based on Hungarian language) to an executable format inspired by Bytecode and Assembly. It also has a web interface designed for both desktop and portable devices.

Java WebSocket HTML CSS JS TDD


ÁSZÉV National Professional Competition

5th place

I got 100 bonus points for my graduation.

Profession: Information Technology
Competitors: 484 people
Date: 2017-04-03 and 04

WebSummit Scholarship

I got nominated to a scholarship to join the Web Summit conference with 3 of my friends. Finally we 'won' 4 tickets and had a really good time at Lisbon (Portugal).

Date: 2016-11-07 to 10

Bolyai National Math Team Competition

1st place
Group: Secondary technical school
Class: 11
Team: Hexaphix


international project

We made the best presentation out of the 5 participating countries and won a cup (1st place) in Hengelo (Netherlands) as part of the CROSSOVER project. We also visited Ibbenbüren (Germany), Enschede (Netherlands) and Amsterdam. In 2017 there were another meeting and we won another cup again.

Date: 2015-2017
Topic: Sustainable Development

Geomatech competition

1st place + Creative Special Award

Our team won this competition in our age group and also won a Creative Special Award.

Date: 2014-2015
Age group: 5. (Class: 9-10)
Team: Hexaphix


Budapest University of Technologies and Economics

2017 – now | VIK : Faculty of Electrical and Information Sciences

Computer Engineering

Java based web frameworks
Java, JavaEE, Spring, spring-boot
Basics of programing 2
Basics of programing 1
Digital technology
Verilog, Assembly
Other subjects coming soon

Bolyai János Műszaki Szakgimnázium

2012 - 2017 | Secondary Technical School

Information Technology and Intensive language learning (+1 year) class

Information Technology
HTML, CSS, Javascript, MS Office
Database and Software Development
C++, C#, MySQL, MS Access
Cisco Networking Academy
Cisco ITE, Cisco CCNA1, Cisco CCNA2